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福利-2007 Review

The Governor of bank of Ghana. For conducting a smooth switch to the Ghanaian Cedi in 2007
  • UK firm Tullow Oil has announced the discovery of 600 million barrels of light oil offshore from Ghana more
  • Boom DancePresident Rawlings' dancing the "asabone" at his 60th birthday as Nana Konadu laughs
    Where is he/she/it?

    Awarded to a person who should be ashmed of himself

            扮猪吃狐狸txt百度云-Person of the Year

          1. 扮猪吃狐狸txt百度云-Dr. Paul A. Acquah

            发源地??打造极品视觉5XSQ-Top Story

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            猫咪视频社区-Oil Discovery

            天天爱消除最新版本-Sports Person of the year

            扮猪吃狐狸txt百度云-Joseph "King Kong" Agbeko

          2. Showed why Ghanaian fighters are some of the toughest the world has ever seen by winning the IBF Bantamweight title in San Francisco on 30.10.2007 READ MORE

            天天爱消除最新版本-Best Photo


            福利-News Media of the Year


            猫咪视频社区-"Osama(n)" Award

            猫咪视频社区-President Kufuor

          3. For one week in 2007, the whole country did not know where our president was.It happened at a time when there was flooding in the North? Was he in Canada as promised or chilling in a London? read more

            扮猪吃狐狸txt百度云-"Konongo Kaya" Award

            He/She does not belong to a place, or can't perform a particular task yet won't yield to someone who can.


            发源地??打造极品视觉5XSQ-"Face-the-wall" Award

          4. 福利-Kwamena BartelsHow Minister's Daughter Swindled Govt Cash

            Song of the Year


            by ??

            天天爱消除最新版本-Most Amusing Stories


          5. 猫咪视频社区-They left us in 2007

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